Postpartum Doula

The best way to meet a newborn baby’s needs is to nourish the mother.

As a Birth Arts International, and Sacred Window Studies Ayurvedic  trained postpartum doula I work with you to determine the best ways I can support you and your family. This could include lactation or feeding support, mother’s self-care recovery from birth and postpartum comfort, evidence-based information on mother and baby care, assistance with baby wearing, smoothing the transition for older siblings (and entertaining them!), meal preparation and light housekeeping such as laundry, and offering referrals and resources as needed. That’s the nitty-gritty of what I provide, but I like to think that what I really do is love and care for you, so that you can love and care for your baby and your family.

Why would I hire a postpartum doula?

If you have family coming to help after the birth, you may feel like you are all set when it comes to support.  Yet, however well-meaning your family members may be, they often bring with them their own set of challenges (and opinions, and needs, and family drama). Much of the attention may be on the baby, rather than the mother.

And if you have no family available to help, or they are unable to arrive until weeks later, you may underestimate the level of initial support you need when integrating a new baby into the family.

As a postpartum doula, I help and listen from a place of complete non-judgement, showing you best practices, but ultimately helping you find your own path to parenthood.  I can soothe your baby to sleep so you can get a much needed nap, I can eliminate some items off your endless to-do list, and I can connect you to countless local resources, saving you dozens of hours of internet research. Most of all, I can offer you priceless peace of mind as you learn and navigate your own baby’s needs and cues.

How does it work?

My fees are $45/hour for postpartum support.

I serve families between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:30 pm, and a 4 hour minimum is required. If I am available to support you, we schedule an initial, no-obligation consultation to see if we are a good fit.

Once you commit to needing postpartum support I send you a contract outlining services and fees. We may not know the exact date of baby’s arrival, but we can plan an “on-call” time frame. Postpartum support can be planned for the week of bringing baby home, or for the first month, or for the entire “fourth trimester.” We discuss your unique situation and plan accordingly. A deposit is required to hold your space on my schedule.

Areas Served

  • Chevy Chase (DC & MD)/Takoma Park (DC & MD)
  • Silver Spring/Bethesda/Kensington/Georgetown/Palisades
  • Capitol Hill/Downtown DC