Returning to the yoga mat for the first time can be a bit disorienting in your new body.  And while you may want to jump right back into where you left off, pre-pregnancy, the postpartum body needs some special love and care.

Postnatal yoga can:

  • Help you recover from birth
  • Restore balance back into the body by rebuilding stamina and strength
  • Help you reconnect to yourself during the time of tremendous caregiving
  • Ease common postnatal ailments {hips + back + shoulders + pelvic floor}
  • Provide you with deep nourishment and healing through a variety of relaxation techniques and restorative poses

Postnatal Yoga Private Sessions

Can’t make it to class, or want to have personalized attention? Enjoy a 75-minute, in-home yoga session tailored to your needs to help you recover from birth {however it unfolded!}, strengthen your core and find deep, restorative rest. It can be remarkably difficult to get out of the house to make time for your well-being. When I come to you, I bring everything you need to carve out time for yoga self-care, so you can return to the daily challenges of motherhood feeling inspired + renewed.

Investment: $135 per session

Postnatal Yoga Group Classes

A group class is a perfect way to strengthen your body, meet a community of other new parents and most importantly reconnect back with yourself as you adjust to your new normal. Suitable for beginning yoga students, class will feature poses that target all the new tender spots–core, pelvic floor, shoulders and hips and offer relaxation and restoration.

Postnatal Yoga Online 6 week series
June 11-July 16, Sundays 9 – 10:15 am
Via Zoom

Postnatal Yoga is for the postpartum body 6 weeks to two years, as you are recovering and healing from childbirth, though even those beyond that time frame are welcome.

This class is suitable for you, after giving birth, if you are a beginner or if you want to rebuild your yoga practice in a safe way, and will focus on poses that target all the new-parent tender spots–core, pelvic floor, shoulders and hips and offer relaxation and restoration. Babies are welcome in your space, though the yoga practice focus will be on the birthing parent. You are welcome to attend without babies as well.

Class is a 6 week series:

Drop-ins are $20 click here to register or purchase a 6 class pass for $108, or a 4 class pass for $72. To purchase a class pass, visit