Dearest birther (to-be),

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a time filled with excitement, wonder and possibility. It can also be filled with confusion, fear, exhaustion and overwhelm—but it doesn’t have to be. With a focus on total wellness of mind + body + spirit, a huge helping of unwavering encouragement, and actual hands-on support, I can help you not only thrive, but perhaps even savor this magical period of time.

Get the help you need. Let’s work together.


I’m Michelle.

I’m a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and a birth and postpartum doula. I’m passionate about guiding folks along the journey of pregnancy and childbirth to support them in their transformation.  

I have worked with hundreds of pregnant families over the past ten years, helping them prepare for their births with yoga, comfort measures and hands-on support. As a certified professional birth doula, I have attended 100+ births. It’s a miracle every.single.time.

I love the relationships I build with my clients and students, who are dedicated to being informed, are open to using the best of holistic wisdom and Western knowledge to support their births, and who want to have an awakened and present birth and postpartum experience.

I didn’t start out with all of this knowledge about birth and babies, and I never aspired to support birthing people in this way.

But through the two births of my own boys, I fell in love with the potential that birth holds for reclaiming our power, and am deeply inspired by the way that parenthood serves as an opportunity for self-inquiry. The lessons begin with conception and continue…well, forever! I absolutely love watching mothers get born, right alongside their babies.

My pregnancies were not without their own complications (read: bed rest + pre-term labor), and my births were not without intensity and uncertainty. In the postpartum, I was stressed and confused and exhausted. I come to my teaching and doula work, not as someone who had the highest level of health and support, but rather as someone who wanted and needed a strong level of support. I know how challenging life may be for you right now, and I want to be the person who can help alleviate many of those challenges—and assure you that you deserve it.

What does this support look like? There are lots of ways for us to connect:

SAFE SPACE for all abilities, age, ethnicities/nationalities, gender identities/expressions, race, religions, sexual orientations, and social class.

The savor it studios story

(A new beginning)

Three months after the birth of my first son, I was in a restaurant alone, trying to nurse and soothe him. I still felt like I was getting my grounding as a mom, and in that moment I was proud of having made it out of the house alone. I was ruminating on my new sense of self, reflecting on how insanely hard this experience was, and strongly desiring a reconnection to my former creative self when a group of older women walked by and said, “Savor it. It passes so quickly.”

It’s a sentiment new moms often hear (but really don’t want to in. that. moment.) But for some reason, it shifted my perspective and I felt the beauty and weight of it all. I felt inspired and went home to start my blog, “savor it,” chronicling the details of those early days of motherhood. savor it studios has evolved into my passion and my purpose of serving those who birth, and has remained my outlook on life–to slow down, stay present and savor the joy, difficulty, and preciousness of our own experiences.

In Service to Community

savor it studios strongly believes in supporting organizations that align with the mission of women’s health, reproductive justice, equity in birth for Black birthers and people of color, spirituality and wellness.  

A portion of proceeds from the business are currently being donated to At The Well.

At The Well connects women to body, soul, and community through wellness education and Jewish spirituality. We’re activating Jewish wisdom to create a worldwide network of safe spaces, resources, and products. At The Well works to inspire women to empower themselves, live whole lives, and lift each other up.


A portion of proceeds from the business are currently being donated to Mamatoto Village. 

Mamatoto Village is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to creating career pathways for Women of Color in the field of public health and human services; and providing accessible perinatal support services designed to empower women with the necessary tools to make the most informed decisions in their maternity care,                                                    their parenting, and their lives.

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