Individualized Yoga Just for You

In the time of COVID-19, all private yoga will be held virtually via Zoom.  Surprisingly, this is an effective and meaningful way to both teach and receive yoga, and students feel as though I am right in the room with them.

My 75-minute private sessions offer you an opportunity to receive highly customized yoga that caters to your unique needs, and you receive my full attention.   During pregnancy, the body undergoes so much anatomical change and many discomforts often arise, such as low back pain, pelvic floor pain, heartburn, insomnia, and carpal tunnel.  The postpartum body has been taxed by pregnancy and birth and needs to regain strength.  A new baby places the body in all kinds of repetitive positions–feeding and carrying baby–and sleep deprivation can have a devastating effect on physical and mental function.

Why do people choose private yoga?

–It’s hard to get out of the house to class on a regular basis when you’re just. so. tired! (I come to you!)

–An ailment makes it difficult to participate in a faster-paced group yoga class

–To receive the benefits of yoga, to practice the skills you need for labor, and to carve out consistent time for self-care (what nourishes you, nourishes the baby!)

My private yoga offerings are grounded in alignment-based vinyasa {linking movement with breath} and weave in restorative yoga, yoga nidra, aromatherapy, meditation and breath work.  I bring everything you need for your practice.

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