I believe that yoga is the best foundation to learn the mental and physical skills necessary for labor (regardless of how it unfolds).  Whether you are a beginner who has never unrolled the mat, or a seasoned yogi with decades of experience, yoga can help get you aligned in mind, body and spirit.

Prenatal yoga can help you:

  • Build stamina and strength (an active labor requires strong legs!)
  • Master the art of surrendering mind and body
  • Build a deep connection of trust in your body and your baby
  • Ease common pregnancy ailments {low back pain + insomnia + pelvic pain + anxiety, etc.}
  • Find deep nourishment and healing through a variety of relaxation techniques and restorative poses
  • Build a community of mothers and find valuable resources (in a group class!)

Prenatal Yoga Private Sessions

Enjoy a 75-minute, in-home yoga session tailored to your needs to help you prepare for birth {regardless of your plans!}, develop an intimacy with your breath and body, and find deep, restorative rest. It can be remarkably difficult to get out of the house to make time for your well-being. When I come to you, I bring everything you need to carve out time for yoga self-care, so you can feel your very best within your changing body.

Investment: $125 per session

Pregnancy Yoga Group Classes

Sundays 4 pm to 5:30 pm, Willow Street Yoga, Takoma Park, MD

Pregnancy yoga is an all-levels class that helps expecting moms to develop the flexibility, concentration and strength needed during the transformative time of pregnancy. Through yoga, breath awareness and relaxation, moms experience the special connection they have with their babies while developing trust and confidence in their body’s resources for birth. Suitable for beginning yoga students.

To register for class, go here.