Labor with Love: Using Yoga, Positioning and Partner Support to Enhance Your Birth

My husband and I had the pleasure of taking Michelle’s Labor with Love workshop at 36 weeks pregnant. After reading a number of books and taking a hand-full of birth classes, we definitely felt her workshop was the most comprehensive and worthwhile way to prepare for the experience of birth. Michelle shared her knowledge in a very practical, digestible and “keep it real” way that resonated for both my partner and I. Her years of experience as a birth worker, and supportive and humorous demeanor made it such an enjoyable experience for the both of us. 

Not only was the class super informative about the stages of labor, it was also a  bonding experience for us and gave us the tools to connect as partners through the birthing process. I felt deeply supported by my partner and we learned so many positions and comfort measures like breathing exercises and affirmations to use leading up to and during birth. We felt both calm and energized after the class, as opposed to other hospital birth classes that left us feeling anxious and a bit uneasy about going through with birth. I would highly recommend taking Michelle’s class and giving yourself the gift of going into your labor experience feeling calm, prepared and confident in your ability to work together as a birthing team. –R.I. & J.I. , first time parents, Walnut Creek, CA

I believe the best preparation for labor combines an understanding of the mechanics of birth with the wisdom tools of yoga, and tried and true comfort measures. My goal is for birthers to cultivate relaxation and presence, stay open to whatever arises, make informed decisions, and feel connected to themselves and their partner.  In order to achieve this, it requires practice, practice, practice.

Labor with Love is a primer that includes a discussion of the stages of labor, optimal positioning, breath work, and key positions to use during labor.  We practice hands-on comfort measures, postures, breath work, and visualization to help you actively and enthusiastically participate in your birth. This can be a great workshop to complement other forms of childbirth education, can be a stand-alone preparation course, or serve as a refresher for those who are birthing again.  After the session, you receive comprehensive handouts that ensure you will be well prepared on your baby’s birth day.

This workshop is best for couples in their second or third trimester.

Since 2012, I have taught over 400 couples the tools to successfully navigate their labors–whether that was at the hospital, a home birth, or a birthing center.

In-Person Labor with Love Group Workshops

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Saturday, May 18, 2024 2 pm – 5:30 pm
The Journey Space, Glen Echo, MD
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Online Labor with Love Group Workshops

No online workshops are scheduled at this time.

This workshop was immensely helpful for both my partner and myself! Michelle blends anatomy, birth stages, and comfort measures in a style that is both highly informative and light-hearted. En route to the event, my partner was *not* looking forward to a 3-hour seminar on such an intimate topic, but as we left, he stated that he was so glad he attended Labor With Love. Michelle immediately deflated both our nerves through her well-crafted and entertaining workshop. I feel much more grounded going into my own birth. –A.G., first time mom, Takoma Park

If the dates of a group session do not align with your birthing time, or you prefer more personalized attention, contact me about a:

Private Labor with Love Intensive

Private Labor with Love workshops can be held in person, in-home in the DMV area, or virtually through Zoom! A 3.5-hour private Labor with Love session includes everything that a group session offers, but can be tailored to your individual birthing needs or requirements, and we make sure that all your questions get answered.

Investment: $385

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