I believe that the childbearing year is a time of deep growth.

There are all the changes that are happening on the surface, of course, but there’s a wellspring of changes occurring internally as well. Changes that—if fully supported with kindness and wellness tools—have the power to impact our entire life for the better.

Our culture doesn’t spend too much time celebrating and supporting women as their identity shifts into being a mother. It would rather sell us things, make our birth and parenting choices for us, or send us into a shame spiral for not living up to unrealistic expectations.

But if we are to become the very best version of ourselves as mothers, we need to be our own advocates, we need to ask for help, and we need to be fully awake in our own lives.

Real motherhood is messy. But it can be a beautiful mess.

I believe birth is hard work.

No matter how your baby arrives, it’s a physical endurance event. Preparation of body, mind and spirit is so, so important. I’ve found yoga to be the best method to use to prepare to be unprepared.

I believe we need the light of awareness to quiet the noise of the outside world and find our way back to our own best interests.

I can help you reconnect to that light.

It is my goal to illuminate your way forward during this time of transformation with evidence-based education, timeless wisdom, mind-body practices and hands-on support. I can help you find your strength and power as you establish yourself as a mother, and I’ll watch in awe as you do. Neither of us will know what lies ahead, but just by walking it together, we’ll become more comfortable with the mystery and the challenge of uncertainty.

My job is to hold space for you during your time of vulnerability, to honor your unique needs and to bring compassionate care to your pregnancy, birth and postpartum season.