I work with the BEST people. Truly.  And I’m blessed they feel the same way about me….

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You are a gifted empath and physical guide.

As a student of yours and in having you as my doula, I felt that you connected on a very basic emotional level with me and the other pregnant women in the class, making us feel comfortable and were sympathetic to what we were experiencing. The sense of safety you created in the classroom and birthing room allowed for more ease in exploring how our bodies felt and exercising them appropriately.

I.M , Takoma Park, D.C.

I often tell friends that Michelle is a gift to me.

She has taught me to be/supported me in becoming a strong mama- in yoga practice, in labor and in daily life. I love most that she is REAL. She has experienced exactly what she is teaching and she lives it everyday. I love that she loves what she does and is a wealth of knowledge. I also love that she desires to continue learning.


I LOVED your postnatal class!

This is one of the top-ranked yoga classes of my life, I just want you to know it made a huge difference for me - MindBodySpirit. I'm more aligned, easier in my body, stronger and calmer. My spirit lifted more and more each class - I did some amazing healing in that time on Sundays together. Thank you for that.

R.B. , Takoma Park, MD

You are tiny, but mighty!

When I tell people about you, I say that when they see how tiny a person you are in physical size, they will not begin to imagine the sheer magnitude of your energy, your warmth, your spirit, or your generosity. Those are gargantuan!

A. M. , Takoma Park, MD

I would say you give a damn good yoga class and are an exceptional teacher and person.

And that through the techniques you taught in your class and the strength you gave me physically and mentally, I was able into walk into the hospital at 7 centimeters laughing and joking with my midwife and give birth to my sweet baby girl thirty minutes later (though a lot less laughing was happening in those thirty minutes!) We walked out of the hospital less than 24 hours later. I actually miss being pregnant because I miss the feeling I had after your classes -- like I was a goddess in the height of my physical and spiritual power!

E.Z. , Silver Spring, MD